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Safety in traffic during the fall

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During the fall the visibility can be poor due to the rain, fog and dark mornings and evenings. Rain, and later during the fall black ice too, can impair the tire grip on the roads unexpectedly and sudden changes locally can be surprising.

During the fall different animals prepare for the winter season and cross roads during low visibility hours a lot. Also, the hunting seasons affect the movement of the different animals in the woods. Please pay especially close attention to moose, deer and reindeers as they may wonder or get on the streets unexpectedly. Hitting one of those or even one of the smaller animals with a car can cause severe damage to you, to a car and to the animal in question.

In case of an accident, no matter if it’s due to weather, animals or something else, please make sure further accidents on the road can be prevented. Help those in need of assistance and request for help from passersby and authorities if the situation requires.

Please pay attention to the road conditions and drive safely!